New Strategies for Designing Efficient Electroluminescent Materials

A collaborative team of materials scientists and theoretical chemists provide hybrid perovskite nanoparticles that are high-efficiency light emitters by using a comprehensive defect-suppression strategy. New research details how a class of electroluminescent materials, key components of devices such as LED lights and solar cells, can be designed to work more efficiently. Published in Nature Photonics, the […]

C-STAR Subjective Evaluation

Each group participating in the C-STAR III evaluation this year has been assigned a series of translations for human grading. The grading assignments for each group are split into 5 files, listed under the group name. In order to keep the overall file length manageable for a single grader in a single grading session, each […]

CSTAR Workplan

At the  C-STAR consortium  meeting held in Trento on December 2002, the decision was taken to organize, on a regular basis, speech translation evaluation campaigns and workshops, mainly focusing on  speech translation research and evaluation.  ctivities within C-STAR will as well  include the development of a large multilingual parallel corpus to be used for common evaluations. Evaluation Campaign 2003 The first evaluation campaign […]