Ultimate Guide To Take Sexy Selfies

Taking selfies have become a global phenomenon: celebs do it, your grandma does it, even the President takes them. There’s funny selfies, ironic ones, sarcastic ones, and even disturbing ones. But there’s a particular type of selfie that’s rather hard to master. Can you guess which it is? It’s sexy selfies. So many people want to take hot pictures but cannot figure it out. They end up looking desperate or sleazy, which no one wants. If you’re a beginner to the sexy selfie game, or simply want to step up your skills, this is the article for you. Don’t believe us? Read on and tell us what you think.

1. You don’t have to be naked to be sexy.

Some people get super turned off and judgemental about taking sexy selfies. This is obviously because they automatically think they have to get nude and dirty, but you can be sexy without being nude! Of course, if you want to get in the nude, more power to you. You might be wondering how you would take a sexy selfie without being naked. This is where poses, facial expressions, and outfits come into play. Duck face and seductive angles and expressions can go a long way. Take a super sexy selfie when you’re all done up for the night, do a cute duck face, or another seductive expression. You should also utilize your full-length mirrors- take pictures of yourself in your mirror with your fly outfit to show people how good you’re looking tonight. You could also send one laying in bed in your PJs because being in bed is a huge turn on if you’re trying to get flirty and suggestive.

2. Be more shameless than you usually, would.

The truth is, really anything goes when it comes to sexy selfies. There aren’t exactly any “rules” as to what is off limits. Of course, do your best not to offend anyone. And always remember your audience! For example, if you’re posting on Instagram, don’t show anything that would be covered by a bathing suit. Be more subtle on social media outlets that a lot of people would see. But if you are sending this sexy number to a significant other or your fling, you can get a little more raunchy with it! Anything goes, especially with a partner you trust

3. Your caption and message choice is key.

You can’t forget about the words that will accompany your sexy selfie whether you’re posting it or sending it in a text to someone. Don’t underestimate the power of a perfect caption or message to accompany your sexy pic- it could make the picture that much hotter! For example, if you take a sexy selfie of just your face when you’re about to head out to party for the night, send it to your crush with the caption “Hope we end the night together”. You can even add a winky face if you want to to enhance your flirtiness. Or, if you’re just hanging out on the couch or in your bed in a cute pair of PJs, send your crush sexy selfies of you with the caption “Netflix and chill?” They’re bound to be over at your place in no time.

4. Take advantage of your current setting.

You don’t always have to go out of your way to planning the shot for you sexy selfie. Take advantage of the current setting and situation you’re in to look as sexy as ever. This can be as simple as recognizing that you’re in great lighting, or have an excellent background like the beach. Or maybe you’re taking a bubble bath and want to take advantage of looking seductive in some suds. Maybe you’re on vacation, or about to go out to a party- whatever it is, benefit from the moments where you’re looking your best and sexiest.

5. Work your angles.

It’s no secret that certain angles make people look better than others. Some angles make you look more fit and toned while others make certain body parts look bigger or smaller, if you catch our drift. For example, laying on the bed and taking a seductive picture looks better at an angle than not. Find the angle that works for you and snap away- it could make a giant difference.

6. Don’t over do it.

Every think to yourself, “wow, they’re trying way too hard?” Well, you don’t ever want people saying that about you. It’s one thing to be overtly sexy, but another to be totally obnoxious and desperate. You can avoid becoming the latter by not sending or posting too many sexy selfies. You don’t want to overload someone with a sexy selfie- it becomes too much and not as much as a treat. Also, avoid cliches. There are many so we won’t get into them all, but we’re sure you can use your imagination. If you’re ever not sure if your sexy selfie is hot or not, get a second opinion from a friend you trust.

7. Proceed with caution.

While we are advocates of sending sexy selfies, it’s very important that you do so safely and responsibly. We don’t encourage sending sexy pictures to people you barely know, especially people you’ve only met over the internet or through an app. Only send them if it’s someone you trust and are comfortable with. Additionally, make sure you don’t post anything online you wouldn’t mind being seen by anyone. Once you send a picture into cyberspace, it’s there forever. If you proceed with cautions while taking a sexy selfie, you’re good to go!

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