The Best Guide to Take the Perfect Selfie

If you’re not taking selfies, you’ve clearly been living under a rock or have been on Mars for the last few years. Everyone and anyone is taking them,including your teachers, aunts, and even the president. Selfies are the perfect way to show off yourself looking your best to your crush, friends, and basically the whole wide world when you think about it. The pictures you post on your social media accounts are the first impression that people have of you, and that impression is important. Pictures you take of yourself allow you to choose the best lighting, placement, and, of course, the best option our of the dozens of tries it takes you to take the perfect one. Since everyone is taking them, including you, why shouldn’t you take the time to find out how to take the perfect one? There’s honestly no worse feeling than posting a selfie and getting way fewer likes than you thought you would because you’re not looking as hot as you thought. Sure, it might seem a tad bit self involved and shallow to think about, but let’s be honest, that’s the world we live in today. Everyone is obsessed with their image. So do yourself a favor and keep on reading our official guide to taking a perfect selfie.

1. Find your best angle and stick with it.

Not many people besides a member of the Kardashian clan or Kate Hudson can pull off a front face angle and nail it. Honestly, I don’t even think the Kardashians can. That’s because everyone looks better when they work their best angle. Almost everyone has one side of their face that looks better than the other, so use that fact to your advantage! Turning to the left, right, and even holding the camera higher than face level all will work to your selfies advantage, so start experimenting with your angles today.

2. Make sure you find the best lighting possible.

Nothing can ruin a picture more than bad lighting. Bad lighting that casts shadows or that doesn’t make your features pop can make you look a lot more drab than fab. There’s an easy way to avoid this problem. Celebrity photographer, Candice Lake, gives us some tips on good lighting, “When in doubt, face directly into or away from the sun. If it’s the middle of the day and the sun is high, the shadows can look like bags under your eyes. The golden hour to shoot a photo is during sunrise or sunset when the light is low and the most beautiful.” As rude as it sounds, good lighting can make even the most heinous looking person look good and even sunkissed. Also, try and get in natural light instead of fluorescent light whenever you’re taking a selfie. AKA, find a window or go outside and start snapping away.

3. Always double check your background.

There is debatably nothing worse than a selfie with a bad background, no matter how hot the person in it looks. Messy bathrooms, toilets, messy rooms, people, basically anything that is distracting shouldn’t be in the back of your shot. It’s simply tacky and distracting and takes away from how good you look. Try your best to clean up your room or bathroom before you take your next picture in there.

4. Avoid all of the cliches as much as possible.

No one likes cliches, no matter what the category. With that being said, try and avoid all selfie cliches as much as possible. A simple rule of thumb: if a high schooler would have posted in on Myspace a few year back, then please for the love of god refrain. This includes peace signs, duck face, tongue out- you get the picture. Oh, and the girl laying on her stomach on a bed to make her boobs or butt look big? Yeah, not those either. And although we don’t want to completely nix mirror selfies, they are pretty cliche, especially ones with the flash on.

5. Don’t settle for the first one, take as many as you need.

Don’t be afraid or ashamed to take dozens of selfies until you find the perfect one, you are the photographer, right? So who cares! All of the ones you don’t like can be erased from your phone without anyone ever seeing, so snap away. No one is going to look perfect on their first try, so take as many as you need to find the perfect one. This is also an excellent opportunity to see what angle works best for you because you can have a side by side comparison.

6. Use the right amount of editing, but not too much.

Don’t let anyone ever tell you there’s something wrong with editing your selfies because they’re wrong if they’re not! Remember, there’s a huge difference between editing your picture and over editing your picture. Use filters and edit options like brightness and saturation to make shadows disappear and to make you look more glowing than usual. Editing is a great tool to eliminate any small flaws that you might be self-conscious about, like that pesky flyaway hair or a red zit. With all of that being said, remember that over editing is one of the worst things you can do to your picture. People aren’t stupid and will easily tell if the picture you posted looks nothing like you in real life.

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