5 Unwritten Rules of Selfie Sex

Sexting is a pretty normal thing these days, and but there are still a lot of people out there that don’t have their technique down or have no idea where to start. Sexting can be tricky if you’re new to the game, but even if you think you’re a pro, there are 5 unwritten rules of selfie sex that everyone should know.

You may be learning the basics or are a seasoned veteran, but either way, it’s doubtful that you’ve got all the bases covered. We can all use some tips to improve our game, and if you follow these unwritten rules of selfie sex, you’ll look like a sexting pro, even if you’re just a rook.

#1. Selfie Sex Is Best Kept Secret

Okay, this one may seem obvious to most of us, but there are some people out there that think it’s okay to discuss any selfie sexploits they’ve had, which is definitely not the case. Why you want to clue others in onto your sex life is beyond me, but still, people do just that.

When you’re in the midst of selfie sex, it’s understood that both of you aren’t taking the selfies you receive and sending them to your friends or other people you know, so you should know not to talk about them either. If your friend asks if you got some nude snaps last night, it’s up to you to confirm or deny, but regardless of your answer, don’t show them any of the goodies.

Best friends, I know you think you deserve to see those nudes, but rather than violating your friend’s privacy, get some nudes for yourself.

#2. No Crotch Shots Unless Crotch Shots Are Asked For

When you think about it for a second, our sex organs are freakin’ weird. By themselves, a picture of someone’s private area usually isn’t sexy, but when you can see the whole body, that’s another story.

That being said, don’t send a picture of your crotch unless specifically requested to do so. Guys, I know you think she wants a dick pic, but if she hasn’t asked for one, don’t send a pic of your junk.

#3. Crop Yo’self To Protect Yo’self

Selfies aren’t really selfies unless your face is in frame, but when it comes to selfie sex, your longterm privacy is best preserved by cropping out your face or just taking body pics. You shouldn’t sext anyone you can’t trust, but if you aren’t 100% sure they won’t share any nudes you send, don’t include your face in the picture.

If you end up being our President or something, and your past sexual partners come together to ruin your career, you’re good to go if you didn’t include your face in nudes you took. They can make all the claims they want, but without your face, that picture could be of anyone.

#4. If You’re Gonna Cheat, Don’t Sext

Unwritten rules are generally obvious or easily perceivable, but some of us still fail to pick up on them. This is one of those rules.

Sexting and cheating go hand in hand apparently, as countless sexting scandals have made headlines around the world in the last few years, usually involving a government official. Cheating is very risky, and sexting is risky; put them together, and you’re asking for trouble.

If you’re going to cheat, rack up the phone bill with long calls rather than leaving highly incriminating texts on your phone and pictures in the cloud. Cheating is a terrible thing to do, but
people will always do it; the least you can do is not sext with whoever you’re cheating.

#5. Nudes Are For Snapchat ONLY

Along similar lines as the last unwritten rule, this one has to do with keeping your nudes private. It’s so easy to just slip in a nude in your messaging thread, but when you do that, you’re giving someone a copy of the nude, and it could potentially be used against you later; that’s not the way we’d like to run the show.

When it comes time to take some nudes, simply open your Snapchat and take a self-destructing nude right then and there; no need to worry if they’re going to keep it or share it with anyone since it completely vanished after a number of seconds. You know, if people used Snapchat more, we’d probably see fewer sexting scandals in the news.

Nudes sent via text are very dangerous, depending on who you’re sending those precious pics to, so it’s best to play it safe and send them a sexy nude that’ll expire after 5 seconds or so (which is actually the perfect time to set for your nudes). It’s easy to send nudes via text, but it’s definitely not safe; play it smart and just Snapchat your junk from now on.

There are unwritten rules in many aspects of society, and even sexting has it’s own unwritten rules, despite it not being a thing a few years ago. Not everyone knows these unwritten rules, seeing as their unwritten, which is why we all needed a little sexting education to ensure we have all the bases covered.

Sexting can go wrong pretty fast, but if you know these 5 unwritten rules of selfie sex, you should do just fine.

Check out the video below if you want to learn more about this!